Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CBS Finally reports on Obama Birth Certificate

Sent: March 11, 2012 4:59:14 PM
Subject: Fw: CBS Finally reports on Obama Birth Certificate

Only a local CBS station – I doubt if the National CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, et al – National Lamestream media will touch this one.

I watched about a 7 minute YouTube clip a few months ago (shortly after the document was produced) and the individual who was instrumental in the implementation (sorta the inventor of – if you will) Photo Shop at one of the big universities – don’t remember which one. He pointed out 19 errors in the document. He pointed out all the ones listed in this clip plus he pointed out the portions that were done on a ‘regular IBM typewriter’ and those done by computer (not many computers around back then) and those that were photo shopped (not around back then.)

Pure and simple – the document that was produced as Obama Birth Certificate is a Fake.

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