Monday, March 5, 2012

Hidden Camera at MN Voters Registration, A Must See!!

From: Wayne R.
Sent: March 21, 2012
Subject: Fw: Hidden Camera at MN Voters Registration, A Must See!

Hidden Camera at MN Voters Registration
Ask yourself the following question.
How did the Dimocrats ‘steal’ the election from the Republicans in Minnesota by doing a count, another count, then a re-count to put Al Franken a foul loud mouth comedian in as a Senator removing an incumbent Conservative Republican? Watch this clip and you have your answer. Ever wonder why this is a “blue” state? (Dimocratic) - - along will Illinois, New York and California. Several states steal elections each and every voting cycle. Florida will soon join the ranks. How long will this go on – as long as we let it. Where is the Tea Party when you need it? Someone told me recently the Tea Party is up and running and will be having meetings. I thought to myself – why a Tea Party in Mississippi – we vote 89% Republican and very conservative – why don’t they go have a meeting in Minnesota?

My entire life I have heard about illegal votes being cast and counted. After viewing this you will know why this happens. Absentee Ballots need to be restricted to the legally disabled and US servicemen overseas. We have many people here in Florida that vote here and in another state in the North.
I’m sure MN isn’t the only state. I know you MN folks will like this. No wonder MN is always voting LIBERAL!

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