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How Iran Could Save America

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”0bama has certainly done well in agitating the various racial and ethnic groups AGAINST each other. In the Army, tensions between Blacks and Whites is the highest it's been since the Vietnam War. The Senior Leadership sees the problem as "lack of Diversity" and has ordered even bigger and better incentives for Blacks and Latins. Of course if you are a Muslim in the Army today, you can virtually write your own ticket! All of this raises tensions and creates a "pressure cooker" effect on a given unit. All of the Diversity Incentives from higher, make it nearly impossible for any unit with 'White officers and NCOs to be effective leaders. Unit cohesion is out the door! And, of course, with the advent of open homosexuals in the barracks, a completly new demension has been created for military readiness. There are NO media reports on these problems. Only silence as it benefits 0bama, his cronies and the Liberal Socialist movement overall.”
And along these same lines: concluding paragraph

“Anyone old enough to remember the Bush/Kerry fight will recall the images of Bush supporters waving large flip-flops and joking about Kerry's lack of soul in making decisions. Romney is hearing that now from the left, as his positions over the years have been refined and he has matured. Barack Obama is a different animal altogether. He is flip-flopping not for political expediency or due to maturity. He is consistently single-mindedly leading the country down a very scary path of disrespect on the world stage and vulnerability here at home for political gain. He has given no indication that he cares about anything other than race-baiting, class warfare, and crony capitalism pursuant to which he takes care of his personal allies rather than America's allies, and all of which he has used as tools to ensure four more years of failed leadership. If anyone thinks things are going to change in a second term, I've got a Bridge to Nowhere to sell.”

March 9, 2012

How Iran Could Save America

By William L. Gensert
The maniacally mad mullahs of Iran could save America from Barack Obama and his envisioned world made better by his mere presence.

The etiology of the Obama economic disaster is well-developed, even if it is mostly ignored by his political minions and sycophants in the legacy media. American citizens understand the failure he has bequeathed to the nation. The economic damage is rampant and regnant, but as yet not irreversible.

Less clear to citizens is the wreckage of his foreign policy. Displaying weakness at every turn, Obama has damaged the nation's international position to the point where war with Iran is now unavoidable. From the golf course, Barack Obama has repeatedly extended America's hand to the Iranian regime, only to have it slapped away.
The United States has been at war with Iran since 1979, even if it's been a quiet war, where we have consistently refused to fight back. This coming year, that will change -- the quiet part, at least.

Iran has been relentless in its pursuit of confrontation, with one provocation after another, and Barack Obama -- just as Neville Chamberlain, so long ago -- has been ridiculously reasonable. Thankfully, the nation has been spared the visual of him descending the stairs of Air Force One in triumph, holding a meaningless document, proclaiming "peace in our time." Although he did say the "tide of war is receding" as he cut defense (the only cut he has made since becoming president -- except for his lip, of course).

Weakness in the face of aggression is the father of war. The coming conflagration will be born of Barack Obama's inability to stand up for the interests of the nation he is supposed to be leading.

Obama considers America intrinsically unfair, to its citizens, and to humanity. For him, the world's problems are a function of America's arrogance and unbridled use of its military to protect its unfair economic advantage.

Our President does not consider himself an American. He is bigger than that. He is a world citizen. When the Iranians tried to assassinate a Saudi Arabian diplomat on American soil, it was not an affront to Barack Obama, as it would have been to any other President. It was an insult to a "downright mean" country. It was nothing personal, and therefore forgivable.

He believes he understands our enemies and can cure all the world's ills, because he transcends the petty partisanship of mere mortals. Yet, sometimes an enemy is just an enemy, no matter how great America's leader believes himself to be.

When Barack Obama ascended to the Presidency on 1/20/09, there was still time to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear capability. Later that year, when millions of Iranians took to the streets in opposition to the mullah regime and its oppressive policies of poverty and piety, he was presented with the perfect opportunity to help affect regime change. He didn't want to interfere and make the mullahs angry, so instead, he went to Martha's Vineyard.

Having redefined patriotism as support of his policies, Americans need only oppose him, even on trivial matters, to feel his wrath. Yet, he easily dismisses an enemy's machinations of murderous mayhem as rational reaction to American aggression and its reductionist approach to the national interests of other countries.

When presented with a war already won in Iraq, our genius bungled the negotiations to leave a token American force in the country as a tripwire against attacks on the nascent democracy. Failing to do so, he declared victory and abandoned the country, ceding it to Iranian domination.

In Egypt, he discarded Hosni Mubarak, a multi-decade American ally, ceding the nation to the Muslim Brotherhood, and relegating Coptic Christians, to the murderous urges of the Arab spring. Who are we to tell Muslims how to treat infidels? I love the smell of sharia in the morning, it smells like genocide!

In Libya, he led from behind, prolonging the bloodshed, when a cruise missile into Gaddafi's compound in the first hours of the conflict would have ended it. He eventually turned the country over to al Qaeda -- again declaring victory. Now, as they torture and kill blacks, because Africans made up the bulk of pro-Qaddafi forces, it doesn't matter. They're only Africans.

In Afghanistan, he changed the rules of engagement, preventing American soldiers from firing first, or returning fire against positions where civilians might be present. Fighting a war and not being able to shoot first or fire back has increased casualties. Does our President believe American lives are worth less than other lives? Withdrawing our troops early, he is well on his way to giving Afghanistan back to the Taliban -- another victory for Barack.

Syria's Assad, Iran's only ally, so misunderstood by Bush, and "reset" by Obama, is now a killing machine, slaughtering thousands of his own people in a desperate attempt to hold onto power. The fall of Assad would be devastating to Iran and its dream of a naval base on the Mediterranean Sea and regional hegemony. Why help depose a tyrant, when it's much more important to make war on the Catholic Church?

Yes, he talks a good game. To hear him and his supporters tell it, Barack Obama was born in a manger in Bethlehem, rappelled from a helicopter onto a rooftop in Abbottabad, personally killing Osama bin Laden with his bare hands, and was back in America before tee time the next day...or was it tea time? Can't be, everyone knows how much he hates the British, and those bastards, the Canadians who want to send us all that oil.

The world sees Barack Obama as weak. Iran, in particular, thinks he lacks the guts to confront them, regardless of how far they push. The President claims he doesn't "bluff?" Please, the laughter reverberates worldwide. Once you have shown yourself to be weak, you can't talk tough. It only makes you look weaker.

In confronting aggression, when one eschews strength and resolve in favor of dialogue and compromise, it only increases the strength of the aggressor, while compromising the resolve needed to confront their transgressions.

At some point between now and Election Day, Israel will be forced to attack Iran, before they reach a "zone of immunity," after which it will be too late to prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear weapon. With Barack's bungling, the Israelis really have no choice -- Iranian nuclear breakout is an existential threat to Israel. After all, when someone tells you they are going to kill you, you should believe them.

Or...Obama could attack first. The decision, of course, will be based not on national interest, but on his assessment of electoral reward.
Assuredly, any aggression from this President will be of the 'just enough' ilk -- much like Jimmy Carter's ill-fated attempt to rescue the hostages in 1980, minimum force employed at maximum risk for political benefit. Of course, the press will be duly impressed with his manly aggressiveness.

Yet, even a limited first strike seems improbable for our very tough President. This is why an attack on Iran by Israel is not only likely, but nearly inevitable.
More probable, the Israelis will attack and Barack will abandon them, too afraid, too post-American, to do what is best for the nation, unable to offer support, even if only rhetorically. In doing so he will lose America, and the election, and the future of the nation will dramatically improve with his disappearance.

Or...his support will be tepid and flaccid, unable and unintended to affect the situation, designed for legacy media consumption and support. While he is willing to forgo the survival of the Jewish state, he doesn't want to lose the Jewish vote.
As the conflict expands, 'leading is from behind' will be seen as an absence of policy and Barack Obama will reap its repercussions in November.
True leaders are created in trying times -- or at least revealed. Our President has created the emergency that will expose him as the false leader he is and always has been.

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