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Must Read Letter From A Reader---America! Wake Up! by Dr. Alan Bates

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Must Read Letter From A Reader---America! Wake Up!
by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

My fellow Americans: is it that you don't know what to do or is it you just don't give a s--t? Or maybe you think someone else will solve our problems. Frankly, I am puzzled as to how much more proof you need so as to understand that the guy sitting in the president’s chair is a fraud. He is doing everything in his power to destroy our country! Why aren't YOU raising hell?? Is it that you don't know what he is doing? Why aren’t you calling your senators and congressmen and asking them why are they letting a fraud override their authority? He has overridden the War Powers Act. He has now admitted he is not a natural-born citizen. His words and actions corroborate his Muslim upbringing. He has declared publicly that we are not a Christian nation. He apologizes for America while traveling in opulence on the taxpayers’ tab, while America’s real unemployment rate remains at 14.9%---that includes those who have stopped looking for work---the longest in our nation’s history the rate has remained above 8% (the BLS’s published rate). He has taken every action possible to sabotage this nation’s national security and potential energy independence. Is that what a patriot would do?
Obama and his utopian cronies are working from all angles to take away your freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. He not only refuses to enforce our federal laws ranging from illegal immigration to prevention of threatening behavior at our polling sites, but encourages such violations by granting amnesty through unconstitutional executive order for political purposes while suing states which attempt to enforce existing immigration laws to protect their citizens and their budgets. Obama refuses to appear in court when ordered by a judge. He has a fraudulent Selective Service registration and social security number. He shelters Eric Holder and refuses to answer questions on ‘Fast and Furious’, in which this administration sold guns to Mexican drug cartels which resulted in the deaths of innocent people including at least one U.S. border agent. It was part of their failed scheme to show that gun control should be enacted in America---but that failed. Now Hillary Clinton has signed the U.N. Small Arms Treaty which if ratified by our Senate would take away our Second Amendment rights to own and bear arms! Leon Panetta when questioned by a congressman about not getting permission from Congress to enter war responded that he and the President would ask the UN for permission, thus bypassing our Congress!

These are only a few things he done---he doesn't miss a day in damning America in some way. Why will YOU not defend your rights and our honor? Are you a communist, a Marxist or a leftwing radical? Or is it that you are too busy watching the left-dominated major television networks and their diversions away from the real issues which are vital to our survival? They air news of Whitney Houston 24/7 but don’t tell you each time Obama or one of his ‘Czars’ issues an unconstitutional executive order or violates the rule of law. Or are you consumed with your child’s school play or attending sporting events? Whatever your excuse, your time is running out! Our country has been taken from us and yet, our young people are still fighting and dying while the bunch in Washington are attending $25,000 per plate dinners to re-elect a fraud.
When will you rise up? This is the year many of you will be ‘broke’. Sticking your head in the sand will not make our problems go away. It only makes them worse. For your sake and the sake of your family start talking! Band together and organize a town hall meeting and demand change! That’s what the Tea Partiers did in the beginning, and you witnessed the terror in every politician’s eyes. Remember Ross Perot? There was never mention of a town hall meeting until he came along. He scared the hell out of them. This is what we must do starting today! Call your senators and congressmen and do not ask---but DEMAND change! Demand they uphold the rule of law and the Constitution!

Answer these questions and be honest with yourself. ‘To big to fail’ is nonsense! Companies continue to close all over this country and people are still losing their jobs. The real unemployment/underemployment rate is at 23%. The state-dominiated media does nothing but misinform you, and the other half of what's going on they will not report. They are in the back pocket of this Administration! Meanwhile, the Administration through the Federal Reserve have engineered destruction of our currency---just look at the price of gold in U.S. dollars! And how is all this money spent, resulting in a 16 trillion dollar deficit? To reward Obama’s utopian cronies and his narcisstic lifestyle. All of this my fellow Americans should be telling you do something!!
Don’t just sit their!

A veteran - whether active duty, retired, National Guard or Reserve - is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America" for an amount of "up to and including my life." That is Honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it.
Comments from Alan Bates: this week, Judicial Watch announced that it has received documents requested through the Freedom of Information Act that the Obama Administration---despite Congressional defunding of corrupt ACORN after proof of massive voter fraud in the 2008 elections---is funneling taxpayer money into ACORN’s main arm, Project Vote, to engineer massive election fraud in the 2012 elections. The Obama Administration is working hand -in-hand with the DOJ to threaten states to drop their voter ID laws or be subject to lawsuits by DOJ. Americans should express outrage to their state officials! Separately, Freedom Watch notes that Muslim Hussein Obama has given a pass to companies who wish to continue dealing with Iran in return for campaign contributions, demonstrating that Obama is not serious about enforcing ‘sanctions’ against Iran for its nuclear threat against Israeli and American interests. In fact, the Obama Administration has for three years failed to do what is necessary to protect the national security of Israel and the United States against the the mullahs of Iran and other Islamic nations of the Middle East who now have put a bounty on the head of every dead American soldier! Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton find it financially advantageous to avoid intervention on behalf of Iranian and Syrian citizens who are being tortured and killed by their their oppressive regimes. As Freedom Watch proclaims, they have committed treason against their own country by sacrificing our national security interests and opening the door to radical Islam’s expansion across the globe.

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