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"They're Picking Us Off, One-By-One!"

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More rationale for dethroning The Usurper in November (if not sooner – Articles of Impeachment are in order).
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"They're Picking Us Off, One-By-One!"
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.

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"Every country we conquer feeds us. And these are just a few of the good things we'll have when this war is over. Slaves working for us everywhere while we sit back with a fork in our hands and a whip on our knees."

Curt Siodmak, novelist and screenwriter
Hage, Hiatt, Webb, Kelo, Strouss, Miller, Amos, Sackett, Lakin and Kilpatrick are just a few of the names of the tens of thousands of Americans who have had to fight alone against government abuse, arrogance and irrational and draconian laws, passed by out-of-touch lawmakers that don't read the bills they pass, or take the time to determine whether those new laws, or even all the old ones, are constitutional. Or, they had to fight against government agents working under the color of law with no legal authority, or in some cases, actually breaking the law. The government and special interests know that most Americans won't or can't fight back. They just go on their merry way as if the general population doesn't exist and for the most part, it doesn't.
And if you don't think that government does whatever it pleases, view this "Fox News" segment on AIG, Goldman Sachs, Timothy Geithner, current Treasury Secretary under Obama and Hank Paulson, previous Treasury Secretary under Bush, during the financial meltdown in 2008. Talk about double dealing with the public treasury, someone or several someone's should go to jail, but it isn't likely that they will.
So they just pick us off one by one. They have all the resources to fight us, including the law. They have high-paid lawyers to challenge us in court, paid for by your tax dollars. In other words, they use your money against you.
They have aggressive prosecutors anxious to make a political name for themselves in their pursuit of higher office. (Do your remember the Duke LaCrosse case?) They have aggressive law enforcement to intimidate you, beat you, fine you, or throw you in jail on the slightest provocation. The government has been given its head for so long that now nothing will stand in its way. Many believe we have gone past the point of no return and that going back is virtually impossible. They may be right.
SIDE BAR: Did you happen to watch John Stossel's "Illegal Everything" hour-long show the other night on Fox News? If you have been wondering why America is where it is, Stossel's expose' shows why, in exquisite, exasperating detail! Slaves we have become to too many laws and aggressive enforcement of those laws, and slaves we will stay, unless .....
The courts are essentially corrupt, so you are not apt to find justice there. Since 1938's Erie vs. Thompkins U. S. Supreme Court decision, constitutional common law is no longer practiced in our courts. They are governed by admiralty/merchant, or statute law, under the Uniform Commercial Code, or UCC. Lower trial courts are a crapshoot and appellate, U. S. District and Supreme Courts usually come with a significant left-leaning bias that supports what government is doing, or has done. Any redress for grievances, or recourse for justice in America's legal system, is simply out of reach for most people. There are some exceptions and occasionally the people win, but wins are rare.
Attorney's fees and court costs will exhaust even significant savings in short order. Way too many Americans have lost everything when they have the audacity to take on the government, at any level, all alone! And the thousands of court rules can leave justice buried in the dust. Cases drag on forever while attorney's fees and court costs mount. Constitutional justice is just an unreachable mirage on a distant horizon.
We know! We were sued for $1,800,000 by a silver spoon back in the early 90's who thought we and some doctors had done him wrong over the sale of a medical building. It was a totally frivolous lawsuit that cost us $35,000 in attorney's fees to defend against. Sure we won, but at what cost? We're not wealthy so we had to mortgage our home to pay the damn attorney who was reaching into our back pocket with every telephone call he made, every motion or court document he submitted without our permission and a whole host of other actions he took which we had not approved. Justice in the American legal system comes at a severe cost, if at all, to anyone who finds themselves in court. But in our case, we hadn't done anything wrong. That didn't make any difference. The only "justice" we got from the experience was knowing that the "silver spoon" lost the medical building and over a half a million dollars by his own negligence.
That was our first encounter with the court system. From that costly experience, we were forewarned and forearmed. We were determined to not let that happen again. In fact, in another later case, where we were the plaintiff, we won against a multi-national corporation. In a third case, we challenged and won against a federal agency. We did this all on our own without an attorney because you see, we are not afraid to challenge "goliath" if he will not leave us alone and if his unwarranted advances are, illegal, unjust ..... or unconstitutional. Some of our experiences with government, attorneys and the courts, are chronicled in our 3-part video series entitled "The NARLO Offense".
Ladies and gentlemen, the government knows you can't fight back all alone effectively, unless you are very wealthy. They tip toe around those that are wealthy for fear that some court case the rich guy might win, will set a broad precedent that the not-so-wealthy guy can use in his defense. Confidential high-end settlements are reached with the wealthy, without trial, to avoid setting any legal precedents that someone else might be able to exploit.
Each week we get a couple of telephone calls or e-mails from people who finally discovered what it meant to come up against an intractable, arrogant and fearless enemy ..... our American government, at any level. It might be an eminent domain case where the government is putting a foot on their neck to steal their property at the lowest possible cost, so that the government can sell or lease the land to a developer, to increase the tax revenue from the property. (Kelo vs. New London, CT) This happens all too frequently in spite of the clear intent of the Founding Fathers when drafting the 5th Amendment to the Constitution that requires a clear government purpose, due process and just compensation in eminent domain cases. Today, a clear government purpose, due process and just compensation, are whatever a biased, liberal judge decides.
The call might be from a kennel or an animal farmer that just had all of their animals confiscated by authorities because some neighbor called in an anonymous complaint that the animals were being abused. When the authorities arrived it made no difference that the animals were being cared for properly. They took the animals anyway and in some cases filed criminal charges against the animal owners, even though they hadn't done anything wrong. In most cases, fighting the government was futile and the kennel or animal farmer exhausted everything they owned to defend themselves in court, or get their animals back. Most didn't and most won't get their animals back. Many have gone to jail. We know one that is currently on the lamb.
We had a call from a lady a couple of years ago who had the misfortune of living on a river where salmon spawned each year. Under the Endangered Species Act, the Salmon Recovery Act and armed with millions of taxpayer dollars, two non-governmental environmental agencies and the U. S. Fish and Wildlife came on her property in the middle of the night and tore out the tide gates that protected her property and replaced them with 13-foot culverts, all in the name of restoring salmon habitat. At the next high tide, her land and her home were flooded. When the tide went out, fish were flopping around in her fields. So far, at last count, her home had been flooded eleven times. She tried to fight them but to no avail. She simply didn't have the resources and it probably wouldn't have made any difference anyway because the government had the law on its side. Her home was destroyed by the floods and she has now abandoned her property and moved to Idaho where she is trying to reclaim her life and her dignity. The government picked her off and they won. Property rights? You have none when the government comes calling.
Stories like these are going on all across the country but you never hear about them. If all of these tens of thousands of stories were taken in total, made public and told all at once, the outcry could spark an uprising or a revolution. This isn't just a matter of a little injustice, this is outright intimidation, domination and condemnation under law, one American at a time, by an out-of-control, narcissistic and cold-hearted government that has lost all allegiance to its solemn duty to protect our individual liberties and to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help them God!
In a previous article entitled "I Must Keep Running", we wrote about a fictional rancher that fell afoul of one-too-many insane environmental laws. We ended the story with this scary introspection by the rancher, as he was escaping capture by the authorities:
"I wondered how it is that a peace-loving, law-abiding rancher like myself could be in this situation, running from the law? How had our government become so out of control that they would pass laws that made no sense? What was it that we did or didn't do that made government think that they could treat Americans in this manner? Did we not have a constitution that granted us unalienable rights from our creator? Did not those rights shield us from government abuse and tyranny? How could government ignore the supreme law of the land with such reckless abandon? How is it that we have reached the point where neighbor would rat on neighbor. I thought of Nazi Germany. As I pondered these thoughts, I ran down the path to the river that would lead me out of the county. I vowed to find out what happened to our government and get others to help me right a situation that had gone so terribly wrong. I vowed to regain my freedom and the freedom of all Americans, no matter what it took or where the path would lead."
Americans now stand at the threshold of our fictional rancher, running from or avoiding the law. But we cannot fight the enemy one at a time as we have been doing, for they will surely pick us off, one-by-one. Our only recourse, if we expect to win, is to organize on a grand scale with only one goal in mind, regaining the freedoms we have lost because we looked the other way and because we thought government was honorable and would honor their duty to preserve liberty. We were wrong. We were very wrong! And now we could be faced with what Winston Churchill admonished his generation, during World War II.
“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.
"Slavery comes in many forms. It can be slavery by intimidation or fear of serious injury, frequent beatings, or death. It can be slavery in chains, or behind bars. It can be slavery from indentured servitude or being a bond servant. Slavery can also come in the form of too many laws and the police state that builds up around the enforcement of those laws.
And speaking of too many laws, just check out the lies that Obama told to the American people about Obama Care in this Heritage Foundation article. Obama Care is slavery by any other name. In response to the Heritage article a close friend of ours said this: "The horror is in the details. When you click on the blue links in the article and read the details they expose all the lies. We aren't even aware of half of the impact Obamacare will have on our lives. The agenda can only be socialism and total control of the people, and don't forget the resulting higher taxes to pay for everything. We are doomed if we can't beat Obama in November and repeal and/or reverse everything he and the Democrats have done."
But slavery doesn't have to come in the form of draconian laws like Obama Care. It can also come in the form of debt and every American, including future Americans, are so laden with personal and national debt that there may be no way to break those chains. They conquered you by making you a slave to the debt you allowed them to build up. They conquered you because you asked favors from government and in return for those favors you gave them your soul. Unfortunately, those millions of indentured slaves who gave up their soul for a few pieces of silver, that someone else has to pay, can vote and therein lies the crux of most of America's problems.
In the natural world, the young are eventually weaned from mother's milk and become self-reliant adults. But it is not so for humans in America and other socialist countries. The question for America is, how do you wean millions of fully grown children who have become totally dependent on mother's milk (government) and have no intention of leaving her side, especially when they can vote to keep the "mother" alive and keep her udder full? And for those self-reliant folk who have been fully weaned from "mother's milk", they stand a good chance of being picked off by the "mother", one-by-one, for daring to criticize her dependent children, or suggesting that those children take a course in becoming responsible adults!
In both cases of the dependent children and the self-reliant adults, each is a slave. The dependent child is a slave to and dependent on the government and the self-reliant adult is a slave to the dependent child whose vote enslaves the self-reliant adult to keep the dependent child in an ample supply of "mother's milk." Guess who the puppeteer is who is enslaving the dependent child and the self-reliant adult and picking each one of us off, one-by-one? If you don't know, you are part of the problem.
This is what America has become and it will be up to the self-reliant, freedom-loving adult to save freedom ..... that is if there are enough of them. There probably are enough of them, if they could ever unite as one, on the true principles of freedom and quit squabbling over petty differences.
"The Parallax Prophecies" predicts that if there is not a resounding repudiation of Obama, his liberal policies and liberal candidates in the voting booth in November of 2012, it is extremely doubtful if America will ever be a Constitutional Republic again. And we further predict that it will probably just go broke, like Greece has gone broke, and for all the same reasons. Unfortunately, there won't be anyone to bailout America when she goes broke and she will just be merged into the one-world-order, the ultimate goal of the international moneychangers and the globalists. In that event, you had better get used to a United Nations Oligarchy and hard-core socialism, along with the death of American sovereignty and constitutional government. Each American will just become a citizen of the planet, perhaps with a number tattooed on their arm.
Is that what you want? Will you allow your government to pick you off, one-by-one, like it has so many other Americans, or will you draw a line in the sand and be fully committed to defend that line? Your decision and the decision of millions of other Americans to hold firm, will determine her fate. The fight to preserve a free and prosperous America is going to get very ugly and you can count on it. Will most freedom-loving Americans just fade when confronted with the ugliness, the ridicule, the threats, or the intimidation, or will they stand tall in the face of the enemy ..... for freedom? The answer to that question could manifest itself in the Year-of-our-Lord 2012 ..... or not.

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