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Why sexism is good for everyone

Sent: March 26, 2012
Subject: Fw: Why sexism is good for everyone

According to the latest issue of Time Magazine, women make more money than men for the same work now. 

And this, their headline screams, IS GOOD FOR EVERYONE.

Wasn't it Time Magazine that claimed that men made more money than women and that this is proof of sex discrimination, a bad thing? In fact, they still claim this even as they declare that women make more than men. Apparently when you're a communist and feminist you can make contradictory statements at the same time and not see the problem.

15 years ago, with Hillary Clinton as first lady and feminism being funded from the White House and American Taxpayer through coercive force, feminism and the female supremacist religion in general, was in decline. Americans were seeing firsthand the raging misandry of both Hillary Clinton and her Attorney General, Janet Reno, in action and they did not like it. Time Magazine responded by running a full-on propaganda issue about 'the decline of feminism' and asked if feminism was dead. It was straight out of the Kremlin's own textbooks on stirring up support for unpopular communist bullshit and was intended to stir women to join the Church of Misandry and Narcissism, aka Feminism.

For all my life, communist feminists have bitched and bitched about women not making as much money as men and women not being in Congress as much as men and women not wanting to be CEOs as much as men and all of this, and anything else they could think of, was all men's fault, and all always bad. They insisted that there was a mythical 'war on women' which no one could see any sign of, but that was because it was a deep male conspiracy that all males were secretly meeting together to plot and plan with such precision that no one could actually see any real indication of this war on women. Only the feminist possessors of secret knowledge could see it, and they were going to fight it to the last dead male.

For all my life, those same communist female supremacist bigots have declared that any discrimination or disparity between the sexes is sexist, and that all sexism is wrong.

Well is it? Is sexism wrong? 

If sexism is wrong, then any celebration of sexism is even more immoral, because it is an acknowledgement of sexism followed by a happy joy for it. It is choosing to embrace sexism rather than disavow or fight against it.

And that is precisely what the feminists have always done, while simultaneously bitching endlessly about sexism which doesn't favor women. They have celebrated sexism to its fullest, but only when that sexism oppresses males. 

For as long as I can remember, the average man on the street has identified feminism as a hate movement, claiming to be about equal rights while actually being a hate movement dedicated to spreading hatred and oppression against the entire male sex. The feminists, of course, denied this.

Yet in every feminist book by every feminist leader they openly state that the real goal of their movement includes the destruction of males, and the destruction of all things masculine that isn't controlled by lesbian women. In every feminist magazine and article and newspaper and interview and TV show they have said the same, that their real goal is the destruction of males as a whole. 

And now, with tens of billions of taxpayer dollars and endless government mandates by unelected officials and 'czars' requiring discrimination against males at every level, from grade school programs to university recruiting to corporate salaries and promotions to even their own murder-supporting branch of the Department of Justice, they have reached a new milestone, women outearning men.

They want to crow as loudly as they can. But they know that to celebrate this openly is to admit that their real goal is not equality on any level, but oppression, dictatorship, and tyranny through sexism against males, and any females who dare to disagree with their agenda. They want to crow and throw a public celebration, but they can't. So they do the next best thing - they devote an entire issue of a shit magazine that no one reads to celebrating their sexist achievement. They all buy up the issues, frame them, hang them on their walls, and rest assured that no one else will ever read about it because no one with a right-thinking mind pays any attention to anything coming from Time anymore. It's a worthless rag, a tool of the American communist party, not even useful for wiping your ass with because the pages are too plasticky and slick. It doesn't even burn well because all the plastic makes it stink. It's just like feminism, totally full of lies and hate and generally useful for nothing.

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