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DIESEL 1928 dodge ratrod

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Diesel Rod - Monster Rat Rod with Diesel Engine Burns Serious Rubber - By Welderup

Diesel Rod Photo via Welderup

This incredible diesel rod is a 1928 Dodge 4door sedan that was chopped 4 inches and channeled 3 inches. It was created by Steve Darnell, a welder by trade, via a site called Welderup. The power comes from a Cummins diesel motor out of a 1998 Dodge pick-up. The motor sports a twin turbo set-up and Fass Fuel System. The engine produces 1200 lb/ft torque and runs the quarter mile in the mid 12 second range. The frame is completely hand built to accommodate the amount of stress coming from the diesel motor. A four-link and air ride suspension keeps the rear tires in check, while the front end is a mostly stock 1929 Ford 1-ton axle. It basically smokes.
DIESEL 1928 dodge ratrod

DIESEL 1928 dodge ratrod

Up and running 1928 dodge ratrod, Cummins diesel motor.

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