Monday, April 16, 2012

Fabulous Catholic Commercial

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Catholic Commercial
From my good friend Doctor Travis Richardson.

Thanks Travis:

Maybe the other evangelicals should speak out? You think?
Like I mentioned last week – I was attending a family reunion. All of the Aunts (except one Aunt) and all Uncles are deceased. Next in line are 1st cousins (14 of us – yours truly the oldest); next 2nd, 3rd, 4th cousins, (kids of cousins and grandkids, etc.) Anyway there were about 60 or so there. Long story short my family is made up mostly of Cajuns and Rednecks. Religion wise I don’t need to say more than that. I was surprised at how things have shifted since 2008. I was standing around in a group of 5 or 6 and the subject came up (not from me – I stay away from Religion and politics as much as possible - so when I leave it is usually on friendly terms. One of my cousins stated he voted for Obama last time but ‘we’ (his wife was standing next to him) said NOT AGAIN.

Then one of the Rednecks spoke up and said “Well, I don’t know if I can vote for a Mormon or not.” – I was ready to say “I need some more ice tea and leave the group but before I could out came the following. . . . “I WOULD RATHER VOTE FOR A MORMON THAN A MUSLIM.” Amazingly, in less than a minute everyone had made it known how they would be voting in 2012. Hmmmmm – imagine picking up Cajun and Redneck votes. Not the voting Bloc Obama is looking for; however, many, many, Cajuns are Catholics and many, many, many, Rednecks are evangelicals -- oh, yes – and NASCAR FANS.


Our Catholic leadership has taken the gloves off.

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