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5 Plants that will make your small Space smell Fresh, Naturally

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I live in an apartment and work in a small office and I agree with this article. In fact I have had lavender in my office for years it really helps make the small space smell wonderful. Brenda.

Most of us don't have the option to just throw open the windows every time you want a little fresh air in our offices or cubicles, especially if someone's been using the microwave to cook a particularly stinky lunch. If you have a small space that could do with a little freshness, these fragrant friends don't take too much energy to care for, and will keep your space smelling nice all day long.

When I'm working from home, I love to throw open the windows and air out my apartment, but when I worked in a cubicle in a massive room full of people, sometimes the air gets a little stale. The folks at Apartment Therapy suggest bringing in a few herbs or flowering plants like lavender, honeysuckle, or even mint to your small space to brighten the air a little. Some of their suggestions smell more strongly than others, so be wary of people around you, but a tiny mint plant on your desk wouldn't take much energy to care for, smells lovely, and wouldn't mind you snipping off a leaf here or there for a cup of tea at your desk.

1. Lavender: There are hundreds of varieties of Lavender but we normally go for whatever the nursery has available and what smells the best. It's basically drought tolerant and likes plenty of sun. It's also important to remember to cut off the dead flowers--as you cut them off, the plant will be triggered to produce more! And even the dead blossoms keep their scent, so you can collect a bundle and keep it by your bed.

Scented Geranium
2. Scented Geranium: This is what I planted (per my mom's suggestion) closest to the seating area on my deck so that anyone sitting close by would be enveloped with the subtle odor that comes from this plant's leaves. Geraniums, in general, are easy to grow and scented ones are no different. They're propogated easily (like succulents, they'll often take just by cutting off a stalk and sticking it in some dirt). Plus there's a huge selection: chocolate, citrus, mint, etc. are all strains you can find in a lot of nurseries.

3. Honeysuckle: Like Jasmine, Honeysuckle is a flowering vine that can give off a powerful odor. Some people find it too strong (for me Jasmine is too strong in the summer and makes me feel kind of light headed) but it's super sweet fragrance and pretty flowers make for a great fence cover or trellis plant near an open window.

4. Gardenias: These I have literally never had any luck with. I buy them, they're flowering, and then they never flower again. Eventually they die. but I know others who have had tremendous success and nothing beats the smell that comes from theose magical white blooms.

5. Mint: Mint is pretty much a magical plant for me. You can eat the leaves, drink the tea made from the leaves and you can't really kill it (plant it in a separate container or away from other plants in the garden). As you brush against it in the garden it releases its scent, as you cut off leaves it releases scent and if you plant it in a place that is on the damp side it will grow like a weed. I like having some by the front door.


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  1. Thanks Brenda. I have notices a lot of ladies at work have plants in their offices. It does seem to help with the stale air. I would imagine that it would help in a small apartment too.


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