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Create Your Own Custom Envelopes

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Create Your Own Custom Envelopes
I love paper! I have boxes and boxes full of all kinds of paper products and am often found in the loft of our house making cards, signs and other paper-focused gifts for my family and friends.
Well recently when I was about to send one of my homemade envelopes,  I couldn't find an envelope to fit the card around the house. Rather than go buy a bigger envelope I decided... well, I'll just make my own envelope. And, I did! And, it's so simple!

The internet has all kinds of templates you can use to make an envelope but I usually just open up an existing envelope, trace the pattern on the paper I want, cut and fold. It's that easy!
And, while you don’t have to have an insert to the envelope it does make it a bit classier if you do. To make the insert just follow the same template but cut the paper 1/4 inch smaller and then glue the two papers together.

I really think that the ultimate beauty of making your own envelopes is you can “fit the envelope to the person”… such as one for a gardener, or wedding, or child’s birthday…you name it, you can make it! I like to find old book covers, calendars and pretty papers to use.
Oh, one last thing, I attach a plain sticker to the front of the envelope to write the address on. I just find it makes the postman a bit happier :)

Happy envelope making everyone! Liz

1. Print out the envelope template on card stock. This template will make 5.5″ x 4″ inch envelopes.

envelope template
click image for full envelope template

2. Envelope pattern traced, mid cutting. 

3. Envelope cut, ready to be folded.

4. Final product: custom envelope with liner.

Source: http://blog.seattlepi.com/diaryofanamateurcrafter/2012/05/20/diy-custom-envelopes/

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