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Don't Put These On Your Resume

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I work as a recruiter for a large fortune 500 company and I concur with the statements in the attached article. Jobs are few and the competition is fierce, so start out right with a strong resume. Carol.

Don't Put These On Your Resume
One of the most challenging aspects of a job search is writing a compelling resume. First you have to look back on all of your experience and figure out how to condense it to one page. Then you have to make sure it's tailored to each job you're applying for, whether that means moving around the order of your work history, education and skills, or reworking your career summary.
No two resumes are alike because no two job seekers are alike. Yet there are certain items that should never appear on any resume, whether you're applying for a job in construction, education, health care or manufacturing. To make your life easier, we put together a list of seven items that no job seeker should ever put on a resume. Employers will thank you (hopefully by hiring you) if you don't waste their time with useless information. Do yourself a favor and leave these seven items off.
1. Your Picture
2. Interest and Hobbies
3. Spelling Mistakes and Grammatical Errors
4. Personal Attributes
5. References
6. By the Minute Details of Your Work History
7. False Information
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  1. Thanks for the advice carol. Next time I update my resume I'll make sure not to add any of the 7 listed.


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