Friday, May 11, 2012

Grandma Caught in Customs for Drug Trafficking

From: Holy T.
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Subject: Fw: Grandma Caught in Customs for Drug Trafficking

We can deploy 100,000+ troops in the Mid-East to secure their borders.
Here's some justification for the pat downs at the airports!

Here you have a 94-year-old Mexican national, just simply on her way to visit her friends and relatives across the International border in Arizona , all the while passing through the port of entry at Nogales , Arizona , maybe several days per week!

After all, she's 94 years old, so what harm could this poor innocent little Mexican Grandma do? Well, I'll be dipped!

What's all that padded stuff affixed to her body, underneath her dress?
Gee-Wiz, could that be some "contraband"?

Why it's 10.45 pounds of marijuana... Strapped to her body!

Can we blame her? After all, she's probably just supplementing her United States SSI check that she picks up monthly at her P.O. Box on the American side. This may be a rare type case, but it is happening!!

And one can't help but wonder how many of these trips has she already made across the border, toting 10.5 pounds of marijuana...

Don't expect to have the media air this one. They're too busy trying to tell us to give amnesty to all illegals. It's just another damned good argument to enforce the safety of our borders!

(Since the media is not airing this, how about you showing it to your list?)

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