Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How the media influenced the last presidential election

From: Jill R.
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Subject: Fw: How the media influenced the last presidential election?
Our kids, when not texting, listening to Ipod, going to the movies, watching Reality Shows, get their news and views from the likes of Bill Maher, SNL, Comedy Central, Letterman, et al. Then they vote accordingly. What they fail to understand (discounting the education they will be paying for and what they are receiving in return) is ‘who will be paying back the 17 Trillion dollars we are now in debt? If you ask the average youngster ‘what would we do if the US ran out of money.” They laugh and say “print up some more.” If you know a teenager (or one in their 20s) and they can read – pass this one along to them.
Please pass this on. Jill
Below is a 10 minute video and you can see how the clueless public falls for the mis-informing media. You should watch this and pass it on to your friends.

What your seeing in this video is the complete failure of the school system in the USA. Maybe that is why the USA is around 20th of 35 in global academics. It is obvious that comedy central is where a lot of these folks get their news. Unfortunately that is where they learn about the debt & deficit too. One day their kids will be repaying the bammo spending.

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