Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Incredible Hulk Fan Paints Himself With Military-Grade Paint

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Check this out. One crazy dude used green military-grade paint to paint himself to look like the Hulk. Poor guy but funny as hell. Greg
Hulk Fan Paints Himself Green
All we have to say is, thankfully this didn't happen in Florida. Brazilian man Paulo Henrique dos Santos is an Incredible Hulk superfan. Recently, he decided to dress as the raging superhero for an event, donning the ripped jorts and painting himself green. The thing about the Hulk is, he's only green temporarily. Once the anger subsides, he goes back to being normal-hued Bruce Banner.
But Paulo? Paulo is now permanently in Hulk mode, because he used industrial paint intended for BALLISTIC MISSILES AND SUBMARINES. We don't even know how he acquired such paint, but how do you mix up body paint from the party store with paint designed to withstand years and years of corrosion from salt water?

According to the guy, he took 20 baths in two days, to no avail, and slept in a room lined with plastic bags. It was only after friends and neighbors scrubbed him for 24 hours straight that the pigment faded. So, his skin went from being Ninja Turtle green to pruny and raw. We don't know if we'd make that trade.

Guys, listen: dressing as a superhero will never, ever get you laid. But it may get you a sponge bath from your own mother.

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  1. I've been tempted to paint myself in my favorite NFL team but I'm sure I would have made sure it was not permanent. I hope anyway. Interesting article.


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