Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wonder why we are broke

From: Carol D.
Sent: May 3, 2012
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Subject: Fw: Wonder why we are broke?
Wonder why we are broke?

This will put a kink in your shorts!
I’ve seen this on several TV news stations (via youtube) over the past few years.
I have forwarded it to everyone in my address book in hopes that they will contact their Representative and Senators.
The latest estimate (2011 – 4.2 Billion).
Couldn’t we use that money in the United States instead of sending it to Mexico?
What are we getting for the 4.2 billion?

Not a joke or political crack, but a very serious report on a situation that needs to be investigated. An Indianapolis TV station has produced this clip that should be viewed by all and passed on to our Congressmen. We must bring this infinity spending and squandering of our tax dollars to a halt or we are going to find us all in bankruptcy! I have already emailed the Representative for my district. To locate your Representative's email address, simply Google his/her name.

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