Saturday, June 16, 2012

Alexandra Pelosi Interviews Welfare Recipients in NYC

From: Hanna S.
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Alexandra Pelosi Interviews Welfare Recipients in NYC
I definately didn't have the advantages she did.. I spent my childhood living in the basement of my grandparents house because my parents fell on hard times and lost our house... but my father continued working, and as soon as I was able to get a job I did too.. it may have been in a supermarket for a fewyears, and then a server for 4 more trying to pay my way through college as I didn't get a hand out.. but I did it.. the people in this interview clearly can work and should be.. no excuses. Hanna

Nancy Pelosi's daughter is an aspiring film producer. She made this short, but disturbing, video which has caused quite a stir in the "progressive" community. I imagine her mother was furious.

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