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Cheering at Graduation got Mom Arrested

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Cheering at Graduation got Mom Arrested I've been to a lot of graduations where the administration ask that people to hold there cheers until the end. I never understood that request but I guess it's to speed the process up. Back to my point, I and countless others cheer before the end of the ceremony and I've never seen anyone removed or locked up. My question is...was that really necessarily? Take care, Jill ~

WhaShannon Cooper knew cheering was supposedly forbidden at South Florence High School's graduation ceremony, but when the time came, the South Carolina mom couldn't contain herself. "I got up and I said, 'Yay, my baby made it, yes!'" she tells WPDE 15. "Just a regular cheer." Police disagreed. Cooper was escorted out of the civic center in handcuffs, taken to the Florence County Detention Center, and charged with disorderly conduct.

When daughter Iesha left the center, she saw her mom in the back of a police van and broke into tears. "I was like, that isn't right, because other people was cheering, and they didn't lock them up," Iesha says. Cooper spent several hours in jail before paying a $225 fine. Police say they only arrested people who were "disorderly" when ejected, but Cooper insists she didn't resist them. "I'll go nicely because I'm gonna cheer," she recalled thinking at the time. "It was hard work."

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  1. Thanks Jill for sharing. Yes it makes you wonder why the police were so adamant about arresting her. I wonder what their side of the story is?


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