Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Forced Air Force Support for Obama

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Forced Air Force Support for Obama
Hey, taxpayers!!!
This should elevate your blood pressure.

Air Force Makes Two New Squadrons to Support Obama!

How can he get away with this? I know! -- Do you?

The United States Air Force has established two new aircraft squadrons to support President Obama's travel needs during the campaign season.
The 305th and 306th Expeditionary Airlift Squadrons were activated as subordinate units of the 89th Airlift Wing on December 1.

The 305th will operate out of New Castle , DE , with 5 C-130H medium lift transport aircraft, 8 full sets of aircrew, 60 assigned maintenance personnel and 12 operations personnel.

The 306th will operate out of Andrews AFB, with 4 C-17 heavy lift transports, 7 full aircrew, 60 maintenance personnel, and 10 operations personnel will be assigned.

Operations for the two squadrons are to commence in April, and will run through the election. The aircraft and personnel will be released back to their original units after Nov. 2. Well, isn't that nice of him?

NOTE: Considering his disdain for the military forces of America , this is truly incredible! And why doesn't the Democratic National Committee pay for at least part of Obama's campaign expenses? Furthermore, since Obama has already accumulated countless millions of dollars to support his campaign, why doesn't the SOB use those funds for campaign travels?

Ignore this or pass it on to others. My colleagues and I are taking action! We're passing this information to everyone we know, and we plan to file complaints with the news media and every proper member of Congress!

Regardless of your political affiliation or personal opinions, this man has no right to have ALL American taxpayers pay for his campaign expenses!

This is factual. Read it yourself:

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