Friday, June 15, 2012

Mitt Romney Just Made a Fool of Himself Again

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Mitt Romney Just Made a Fool of Himself Again
I gave Romney a fair listen today and I gotta tell you, it was a grave mistake for him to play the dueling speeches game. First, Romney's optics were horrible!! He looked like he was in some dude's barn with about 60 of his neighbors chewing and spitting snuff.

Also, he came off the cuff with a rambling speech and these are the highlights:

1. Drill, drill, drill
2. Get rid of Obamacare but keep Romneycare in Massachusetts.
3. Limit the size of government.
4. Crack down on um, somehow.
5. Obama is bad, America is great.
6. A woman went out of business because Obama said something about Vegas.
7. And um, Rubio said something positive about something.
8. A dude opened a new factory and he's rich now.
9. And he went to San Diego on Memorial Day and met some great Americans.
10. But couldn't hold the torch as high.
11. He knows how to lead cause he's um, been in the private sector

And, then, in walks Obama to thousands of screaming fans and every single word Romney said was dashed against the stone.

Mitt made a fool of himself today.

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