Monday, July 16, 2012

Michelle Obama is heading to London for the Olympics

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Michelle Obama is heading to London for the Olympics
How freaking sad is this poor excuse for a President's wife? Come to think of it, they were probably made for each other. Neither one has earned an HONEST dollar in their lives and like leeches in the Amazon river, they suck the blood out of everything they come in contact with. Bill

Guess who is leaving on a jet plane to go to the Olympics??? Another contrived official trip so she can vacation and enjoy the Olympics at tax payer expense …
Leaving on a jet plane
Posted by Judson Phillips on June 23, 2012
Warm up the plane. Someone is traveling again.
Despite all of the left’s whining about global warming, fossil fuels
and the treatment afforded the so-called 1%, there is not a word from
the left about this.

Who is getting on the plane, where are they going and
why is it an outrage?

Michelle Obama is heading to London for the Olympics.
You remember her don’t you? She was never proud of her country until
she had a luxury Air Force jet at her disposal to fly her around the
world at taxpayer expense.

While Americans have suffered under the Great Obama
Depression, she has taken luxury vacations. Who can forget her trip
to the six star Spanish resort in 2009? That one cost millions,
including the tab for her security detail. That trip is now costing
even more money because the Obama Regime will not release cost details
about the trip to Judicial Watch. Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of
Information Act request, which the Regime simply ignored.

Now they are having to defend the law suit that
Judicial Watch filed.

In 2010, Michelle Obama, her daughters and mother,
along with some other friends took the taxpayers for a ride when they
flew to Africa for a luxury safari. At the last minute, a few
official events were thrown in to make the trip seem a little more
than an all expense paid vacation.

A lot of Americans would like to go to the Olympics in
London but unfortunately most Americans’ net worth has dropped 40%
during her husband’s term.

The Regime has gotten a little smarter on this issue.
Michelle Obama is going to be leading an American delegation to the
Olympic games.

Excuse me?

Can we say this is a very thinly veiled excuse for
another all expense paid vacation for Queen Michelle, paid for by hard
working Americans?

America does have a delegation to the Olympic Games.
It is called the America Olympic Team.

So Michelle Obama is going to go to Britain for the
Olympics. She is going to stay in a magnificent hotel somewhere.
Neither she nor her multi-millionaire husband will have to pay a dime
for their trip. She will wander around the Olympic venues pulling
the media away from the American Olympians who have trained their
entire lives for this moment and who deserve the attention of the

Perhaps while she is there, she can ask the Olympians
to put the medals they win on EBay and contribute the sales price to
the Obama reelection campaign.


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