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One man barbershop quartet How Great Thou Art

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One man barbershop quartet How Great Thou Art
Here is one that is unbelievable. This barbershop singer made this tape where he sings all four parts. There is never a missed cue. What a voice he has, such talent, and unbelievably perfectly on tune. Now that is a voice range to be able to sing bass, baritone, lead, and tenor--not even to say he did it all together with various tapings of himself. That is creativity at its best! Hope you enjoy this! Watch video below, Kelly

On December 29th, 2007, my Uncle Jack went home to be with Jesus. On that day, I recorded and uploaded This is the Moment tag and dedicated it to him. Now, we are celebrating his 2 year Promotion Anniversary. This song, How Great Thou Art, was one of my Uncles favorite songs. I dedicate this to my Aunt Audre in loving memory of my Uncle Jack.

This song was arranged by Tim Workman as performed by Reprise. You can purchase this arrangement by contacting Tim Workman at . Tim has other great arrangements too that you can ask him about.

This song can be downloaded here:

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