Friday, August 31, 2012

98 year old message in bottle sets world record

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98 year old message in bottle sets world record
Saw this article in the news and thought it was interesting. Please share with your viewers. Greg.
LONDON — It was scooped up from the sea after 98 years, and now officials say a message in a bottle discovered in Scotland has set a world record.

Fisherman Andrew Leaper found the bottle— released in 1914 — in his nets in April while sailing east of the Shetland Islands, which lie off Scotland's northern coast.

Guinness World Records confirmed Thursday the find is the oldest message in a bottle ever recovered, beating a previous record by five years.

It was released in a batch of 1,890 bottles in a government experiment to map the undercurrents of the seas around Scotland.

Inside each bottle, a postcard asks the finder to record details of the discovery and promises a reward of a sixpence. Unfortunately for Leaper, the coin no longer exists. (Source)

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  1. Thanks Greg, I always like stories like this one. Hard to believe it could last that long knowing how rough the waters are around Scotland.


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