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What should the GOP do

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What should the GOP do
Well, probably more of the same – what they are now doing.
Be frank and up front with the American public – they are big boys and girls and they can take it and they understand much more than you think.

Ignore the polls and the Lamestream media (both are big liars).
People within the Obama Administration like most human beings – like to murmur ( Biblical speech) [a soft-sounded and quiet utterance/talking "under your breath" so it is hard to understand what the speaker is saying) or in today’s vernacular – gossip, chatter, or blather on what is going on around them.

Most people can’t keep a secret longer than one hour. Put some in front of a microphone or camera and it’s worse. So if we ignore the polls and the Lamestream media what do we do? Listen to those in the inner circles of the Administration as they continue feuding, fighting, fussing and fumbling. The current Administration and the Re-election Campaign is dysfunctional and are under serious pressure. They are under pressure from the General Public who are seeking real answers to real problems and not platitudes and vapidities.

President Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign team are quickly learning the celebratory exuberance shown four years ago for its exceptional cohesion and their keen eye-on-prize strategy focus and reading from teleprompter with catchy phrases “HOPE AND CHANGE” has been shadowed this time by a succession of political disagreements and personal rivalries. The Administration is facing the fact that the number one guy has been caught in so many lies that most people are saying “if his mouth is moving, he’s lying” and the number two guy. . . well, Joe will be Joe.

The discord, it is rumored, has on occasion flowed from the top down – from Obama himself, who has repeatedly made his dissatisfaction with decisions made by his campaign team, with its messaging, with Axelrod, with VP Biden, with DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and with what Obama considered a clumsy coordination between the West Wing and the headquarters in Chicago.
Some things, other than the unemployment rate, the National Debt, and everyone (at least the majority) hatred of OBAMACARE, were minefields Obama did not have in the 2008 campaign. Also this time his record will come into play. At a critical point earlier this year, again rumors say, there was a major spat that left senior operatives David Axelrod and Stephanie Cutter not speaking to one another and there have been growing doubts as to the qualification, effectiveness, ability, fitness and ability of current DNC Chair.

Something you rarely hear from the Lamestream media is probing questions toward the Administration; however, recently someone from the Washington Post asks “ why haven’t we seen DNC Chair as much as one would expect to see the chair of the Democratic Party in the middle of a presidential election? So did Wasserman Schultz herself wonder this same thing? Team Obama showed data from a focus group that placed her dead last among all of the campaign’s surrogates. Of course, DWS is Barack Obama’s selection for party leader, a choice that looks in retrospect a lot like his choice of running mate as well as many of his Cabinet selections.
This does not look like a campaign — or an administration — running smoothly and on track for success.

Maybe between now and November 6th they will implode.

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