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Elvis Presley's yellow stained underwear up for auction

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Elvis Presley's yellow stained underwear up for auction
I'm a big Elvis fan but this is just gross. Why would someone pay $15000 for a pair of nasty underwear? Dave.
Elvis Presley was so big that even a stained pair of his underwear is expected to fetch around $15,000 at an auction, according to reports Sunday. The white briefs are clearly stained yellow in one spot. These are the pair of underwear that the late Elvis wore under his famous white suit in 1977, the year he died.

Most wouldn’t want to look at their own underwear in this condition, but because the stained skivvies belong to “The King,” they’ve been framed and authenticated for the high bidder to take home and proudly put on display at home. Just where would someone display a pair of dirty underwear? Maybe over the clothes hamper in a bathroom?

Check out Elvis Presley’s underwear in the picture at the top of this article.
These underpants were found at Vernon Presley’s estate and they will be displayed for auction in September across the pond in Stockport, Cheshire. More personal items related to Elvis will also be auctioned off, but nothing as personal as stained underwear, according to Digital Spy. (Source)

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