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Grandma has daughter's baby at the age of 61

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Grandma has daughter's baby at the age of 61
Technology is out of control. Here's my take on this....if the daughter wasn't able to have a child on her own maybe there is a reason for that. Mother nature or God has a reason for that. Just a strange deal to me. Fran.
Would you have your daughter's baby? One grandma had her daughter's baby, according to an August 27 ABC News report. The grandma viewed her surrogacy as babysitting.

Kristine Casey, 61, gave birth to her own grandson even though she had gone through menopause 10 years before. Through hormones and in vitro fertilization, she was able to become pregnant after only two tries. Her own daughter, Sara Connell, 35, had been unable to carry a pregnancy to term, but the doctors were able to use one of her eggs and one of her husband Bill's sperm to create Finnean.

Finnean arrived last week via c-section. Of her mother's gift, Sara said,

"The idea of having a family member being open to doing this for us was so extraordinary for us."

For her part, Casey said,

"From the very beginning, the moment I've wanted is the moment the baby is in their arms. I've been clear since after my third child that I didn't need to have any more children, and as much as I will be delighted to be a grandmother, I don't want to take a baby home."

What an incredible gift she gave both to her daughter and her grandson. Surely they will share a unique bond that many grandmas and grandsons do not get to experience.

The pain of infertility affects the entire family. It was wonderful that this mother was able to give the gift of motherhood to her own daughter. Have you or would you consider acting as a surrogate? (Source)

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