Sunday, September 16, 2012

Land crabs wreaking havoc

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Land crabs wreaking havoc
STUART -- Stuart residents say land crabs are taking over the roadways and becoming a nuisance, and are even causing car trouble.
Dennis Culver said he has lived in the South River subdivision for almost two years, and he said land crab mating season, and perhaps the recent tropical storm, has them coming out of their burrows and into the streets, reports.
“I’ve hit them myself, you just can’t help it sometimes!" he explained. “They were all over everywhere. They were getting in the pool, and all around the pool, and all over the tennis court, and everybody that came to swim said, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s crabs in the courtyard, there’s crabs in the parking lot!’”
Anthony Ludovico is a local mechanic who said he’s changed more than double the normal amount of flat tires this past week, and he thinks the crabs could be to blame.

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