Sunday, November 18, 2012


From: Kim J.
Sent: November 18, 2012
To: undisclosed recipients

As an immigrant to the best country in the world and coming from Communist Cuba, I really understand what freedom is all about. After watching this election, I am extremely disappointed with what I see as a takeover of this great country by progressive socialists. I believe the voters are going to find out what freedom really is. One doesn't seem to appreciate what they have until they lose it.

The number of takers have now surpassed the number of Producers in the United States. What I heard on the radio today is very true... you can't run against Santa Claus; you will lose every time.

In Cuba 80% of the people work for the government; and as you can see, everything is falling apart. There are shortages of food for the common people but not for the tourists and the Communist party elites.

When you go the the grocery store to buy groceries, don't think for a minute that it is like in the USA. In Cuba, you must have a "libreta" or book of the items that you are allowed to purchase (which you hope they will have when you get there). For example, you are allowed to purchase 8 oz. of oil and 10 oz. of beans per person for a month; one package of pasta every 3 months; and you are only ab le to purchase milk if you have children in your home. (You can check these facts in the Nov. 2012 edition of the National Geographic.) The government is also able to come to your house and break any incandescent light bulb you have right in front of you and your family,

The 80% of state workers in Cuba have a saying that goes like this: "They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work." To give you an example of salary wages emergency physicians makes approximately $32.72 a month.

So, for those people that voted for four more years of more debt, more food stamps, more regulations, a weaker dollar, poorer people, a smaller work force, higher energy and food prices, and a weaker military, you are about to find out what losing your freedom is all about.

We have definitely gotten to the point where there are more people in the wagon than there are pulling it.

Our only hope is for America to return to its Christian roots, repent, and ask God to heal this beautiful country.

Alberto Araoz

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