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Both women in Petraeus scandal lose security clearance

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Both women in Petraeus scandal lose security clearance
Man-a-livin' this Petraeus/Paula Broadwell affair, combined with the FBI agent who exposed it identified as Frederick W. Humphries II and his 20,000 plus e-mail partner Jill Kelley, is quite an epic cluster of a FAIL!!! All 4 of them are married, but there are some serious shenanigans that's been agoins on!!! We may never know it all, but man, no wonder they don’t want to end the war!!!

Be careful if you search for Jill Kelley, cause I found out there are now 2 famous Jill Kelley’s, LollapaloOOoza! :-)

Get the one who has the titles of “Honorary Consul” or “Social liaison” or "honorary ambassador to the general”, as opposed to the other one who is a porn star!!! I’m not sure what the difference is between them all is, but as my Uncle Buck would say, “It’s just a mess and we’ll leave it at that!!!!”
Both of the women involved in the sex scandal that brought down the now-former CIA Director David Petraeus have lost their security clearance to military facilities, reports CBS News.

Paula Broadwell did, in fact, have a high government security clearance issued through the Army and there are questions about how much access she had to classified information, reports AP.

ABC News reports that a federal probe alleged that Broadwell, an Army reservist and former Army intelligence officer, was storing classified military material at her home.
"Appropriate actions with regard to this officer's clearance and access have been taken," Army spokesman George Wright told ABC.

It is unclear whether Broadwell will be charged with a crime but ABC reports that prosecutors are considering some type of charges.

Broadwell became part of a national scandal after it emerged that she and Petraeus were involved in an extramarital affair.

Gen. Petraeus resigned from the CIA on Friday. The affair emerged after Broadwell sent anonymous threatening emails to Petraeus family friend Jill Kelley, whom Broadwell allegedly perceived as a romantic rival. (Continue Reading)

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