Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New York Post Article about our White House leadership

From: Jimmy T.
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They did watch them die after refusing to send help. Reports are coming out that our two former Navy SEALs held off 200 cowardly terrorists for two hours, killing 80. A Marine contingent was only one hour away.

The Obama Administration let them die. They let Ambassador Chris Stevens be raped, murdered and his body dragged through the streets. They let Tyrone Woods and Glen Dohert give their last full measure of devotion in defense of the Americans still in the consulate. And they let Sean Smith, a former Air Force Captain be murdered as well. One can never forget the chilling message posted by Sean Smith, "I think we're going to die tonight." They lifted not a single finger to help our consulate under attack, and these men died. Don't look to the Obama Administration, let alone Barack Obama, for answers. They are in full CYA mode. But we must never forget to remember the four men who were brutally murdered. Never forget. Standard op in this scenarios is to go in with all necessary force to protect our people & assets - this has been demonstrated time and again through American history.

For this utter collapse - someone had to say 'No - don't go.' Petraeus had to know. Clinton had to know. Obama had to know. And they let them die. Obama just went to bed-he had to go to Vegas for a fundraiser in the morning.

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