Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I salute you Sgt. Craig Pusley

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Sgt. Craig PusleyAnd people wonder what is wrong with this country. We should all go and meet him and shake his hand. Those who won't don't belong in this country. Mike.
5 yrs in Prison and $10,000 fine? Shame!!
He needs to be applauded!! Make this go viral!! Share!!!

This is messed up.

Valley marine calls himself to duty at an Elementary school. Sgt. Craig Pusley wears his desert camo weapons...just him. Took it upon himself to go to the nearby school and stand watch outside. The school loved it. The principal thanked him. No breaks...just his heart felt need to do this. His reward? Marine Corp Reservists says he violated protocol bt wearing his fatigues and not his dress uniform in public. Facing $10,000 fine and 5 years in prison. Also getting a "dishonorable" stamp on his "honorable" discharge. He served 2 tours in Iraq  in Baghdad and Ramadi. One in Helmand province of Afghanistan before leaving active duty.

Now he is writing a letter to the President apologizing for his actions.

WAKE UP! This man is a wonderful outstanding brave hero in my book and to think for a second that his heart felt need to go stand in front of his little neighborhood school was wrong. Screw you! The President should be sending him a Thank you letter.

So I salute you Sgt. Craig Pusley. Thank you!

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  1. He's a fraud (

    You must be new to the Internet.


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