Thursday, May 30, 2013

This is How 'Lulu' saved her Owner

From: Jill K.
Sent: May 30, 2013
To: undisclosed recipients
Subject: Fw: This is How 'Lulu' saved her Owner
A Pot Bellied pig is being hailed a hero
after saving her owners life. Jo Ann
Altsman suffered a heart attack while
vacationing in the North Woods of
Presque Isle,Pennsylvania. Jo Ann was
unconscious and in desperate need of
medical attention.The only
other soul with her was Jo Ann’s
Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig
LuLu.Realizing her friend needed help
the quick thinking pig sprang into
action.LuLu ran out of the house
somehow getting the gate opened.
She then ran into the street and laid
down in front of traffic. Several cars
just drove around her. Not willing to

give up LuLu tried again laying down
in the middle of the street and
stopping traffic.Finally a man got out
of his car to make sure LuLu was not
hurt. LuLu got up as he approached
her and started towards the house.
The concerned citizen followed LuLu
to her home finding Jo Ann Altsman
unconscious and called 911.
The State then honored the Pig 'Lulu'
with National Humane Award.

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