Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Parting of the Sea in Jindo

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Parting of the Sea in Jindo
The story of Moses is a famous tale among Christians and Jews throughout the world. The miracle of the parting of the Red Sea when Moses and the Jews were trapped between the Red Sea and the armies of Egypt is perhaps the most memorable and impressive part of the story. But do you know that the same miracle happens in Korea every year? The Jindo county is an archipelago of 250 islands, of which Jindo Island is the third largest in Korea. Every year at the end of February and again in mid- June, extremely low tide causes a natural land pass 2.9 km long and 10– 40 meters wide to appear connecting the main Jindo island and a small Modo island to the south of Jindo. The pass stays for about an hour before being submerged again.

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