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Emaciated & Dying Dog’s Amazing Transformation

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Emaciated & Dying Dog’s Amazing Transformation
Patrick - The miracle dog. (Emaciated & Dying Dog’s Amazing Transformation) 

When Patrick, the pit-bull was found, he was emaciated and abandoned. His cruel owner starved him until he was nearly dead, threw him down a garbage chute that was 22 stories high and left him for dead. A maintenance worker found the poor puppy before he was put into the trash compactor, cold and almost dead. The City of Newark Animal Control was contacted and ACO Arthur Skinner picked up the dog and brought him directly to the Humane Society.

 He was given a blood transfusion, a bath and 24 hour emergency care for the longest time. He was named Patrick after St. Patrick; his rescuers thought he was lucky. He should have been dead, but he grew into a happy and healthy dog.

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