Monday, October 13, 2014

At just three pounds this Wonder Dog proved to be a HUGE miracle.

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At just three pounds, Beyoncé the Wonder Dog proved to be a HUGE miracle. Her mother was scheduled to be euthanized with her and her unborn siblings still inside... but a heroic woman saved the day, and literally gave Beyoncé her life back. Now, watch Anderson Cooper fall in love with this little warrior princess!

Sometimes, the tiniest creatures prove to be the most resilient, and this precious little angel is no exception. In this awesome video, Anderson Cooper meets Beyonce — no, not the singer. A 3-week-old rescue pup whose said be one of the world’s tiniest dogs! Beyonce’s mother Casey (pictured below) was abandoned, homeless and pregnant when she was discovered, living on the streets. Tragically, Casey and her puppies were scheduled for euthanasia. That’s when the Grace Foundation came to the rescue, seeing to it that Casey and her babies would get the second chance they deserved. Casey delivered all five of her puppies, and little Beyonce came out last. She wasn’t breathing. Heroically, Beth DeCaprio, the Grace Foundation’s executive director, gave the tiny dog mouth-to-mouth, to GREAT success!!!! Now, Beyonce spends her days in the limelight, getting pampered and working as an “ambassadog” with Beth to reduce the cases of euthanization of animals by encouraging spaying and neutering. What an incredible little survivor. (Source)

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