Thursday, October 16, 2014

This Guy Stumbled Across A Box of Puppies In The Woods

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That is most definitely not something you'll find very often. This Guy Stumbled Across A Box In The Woods. What He Found Inside? Unbelievable. ~Sarah
When Greg Zubiak ventured into the woods to prepare for a moose hunt, he didn't expect to find these little bundles of joy. No, Zubiak did not spot any moose that day, but found a box of 20 puppies abandoned in a field. Sitting cold and scared, these pups didn't stand much of a chance if Zubiak wasn't a generous and quick thinker. When he saw just how chilled the dogs were, he removed his hunting gear and put it on them for warmth. The hunting trip was over, but Zubiak's journey with the box of puppies had only begun. Take a look!  

Looks like they're doing a lot better now.

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