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How Hillary along with Bill go back to the White House

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Interesting read. ~Tony

It’s what put Obama in the White House and kept him there. It’s what is going to put Hillary in the White House and keep her there. The over 50 million Illegals here in the USA – who wants them her? Dimocraps – to change the electoral vote.

Chamber of Commerce for the ‘business’ owners who hire cheap labor. Places of business owners who hire cheap labor. Others who hire cheap labor – gardeners, maids, etc. There is a huge lobby out there that want illegals here.

Not counting what this is costing us in jobs because most of these don’t pay any income tax and what it cost our schools, hospitals, and other facilities that take care of them will soon bankrupt us because last election (2012) those NOT paying taxes was an estimated 47% but this will soon pass the half way mark to 51% - that’s right folks – over half the people in America today are not paying taxes.

"Yes, because the nation’s Electoral College system is tailor-made for Democrats when combined with the mass immigration policies of the last 45 years.
Unprecedented numbers of immigrants – both legal and illegal – have been pouring into the United States since the former Sen. Teddy Kennedy rewrote the nation’s immigration laws with the landmark Immigration Act of 1965. The nation’s immigrant population – legal and illegal – swelled to a record 42.4 million in July of 2013, an increase of 2.4 million since July of 2010. The 42.4 million is double the number in 1990, triple the number in 1980 and quadruple the number in 1970, according to Census data.
This unprecedented influx is having a profound effect not only on how many seats each state gets allotted in Congress but also on the election every four years of the president, according to demographers.
As most Americans are aware, the president isn’t elected by popular vote. The office goes to the candidate who wins the majority of the 538 Electoral College votes, and these “electoral” votes are not equal in every state."

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/10/illegal-immigrants-dont-need-to-voteto-help-hillary-win/#CdbHoVYQIUH8TvAH.99

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