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How to keep spiders out of your home

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Now spider-mating season is upon us, more male spiders will be leaving their webs in search of females, and one of their favorite places to look is in our warm, cosy homes.
But don’t panic! Here are our top tips on how to keep those creepy crawlies outside where they belong…

Clean up

Keeping your house clean is the most effective way to deter spiders. Dust and vacuum any spider webs or egg sacs (which will be ball shaped, and often hidden in the web) waiting to hatch. Spiders will be less eager to return when their offspring and habitats have been removed. If you do this as soon as you spot them, it will make cleaning a whole lot easier.
Additionally, make sure you don’t miss those neglected nooks or crannies, because dark, undisturbed spaces are inviting to spiders. A tidy home is also important when trying to keep spiders away. Store things in airtight containers rather than cardboard boxes, so spiders can’t get into them.

Cover up gaps

Minimize the amount of cracks or gaps in your floorboards, windows
and doors. These spaces are where most spiders will gain access to your house. If you seal them, however, it will make life much more difficult for them. Try using a fine mesh over any large holes or air vents to stop particularly big spiders from entering.

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