Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"Tag" Banned; "Rover, Red Rover" in Jeopardy

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Subject: Fw: "Tag" Banned; "Rover, Red Rover" in Jeopardy
Let the kids play for crying out loud. What next kick-ball? ~Lou

 Two suburban Minneapolis elementary schools this fall hired a consulting firm to advise officials on kids' recess, and the leading recommendations (promoting "safety" and "inclusiveness") were elimination of "contact" games in favor of, for example, hopscotch. Some parents objected; recess, they said, should be more freestyle, unstructured. (More consultants' advice: De-emphasize refereed "rules" games in favor of monitors who simply praise effort.) One Minnesota principal noted improvement -- fewer fights and nurse visits now -- but as one parent said, her child feels that recess is no longer really "playing."

[Star Tribune, 10-5-2015] [Mercer Island Reporter, 9-24-2015]
Source www.newsoftheweird.com/

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