Monday, October 17, 2016

He decided to drink and drive, and now I have to die

From: Davita
Sent: October 17, 2016
To: undisclosed recipients
Subject: Fw: He decided to drink and drive, and now I have to die
Before you start drinking on the weekends, please be responsible and "DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!




I went to the party and remembered what you said. You asked me not to drink alcohol. So I drank a Sprite. I felt proud of myself, as you said I should feel. You said I should not drink and drive, contrary to what some friends told me. I made a healthy choice and your advice was correct, as all you give me forever.

When the party finally ended, people began to drive without being able to do so. I went to my car with the certainty that he would return home in peace. I never imagined what awaited me, Mom. Now I'm lying in the street and I hear the policeman say: "The kid that caused this accident was drunk." Mom, his voice seems so distant. My blood is spilled everywhere and I'm trying with all my might not moan. I can hear the doctors say, "This girl is going to die." I have the certainty that the young man, who ran at full speed, decided to drink and drive, and now I have to die.

Why do people do this, Mom, knowing that this is going to ruin many lives? The pain is cutting me like a hundred knives. Tell my sister not to cry, tell Daddy to be strong. And when I go to heaven, I'll be watching for you all. Someone should have taught that boy, its wrong to drink and drive. Maybe if his parents would have said, I would not be dying now. My breath is getting weaker, more and more. Mom, these are my last moments and I feel so desperate. I wish I could hug Mom, while I'm lying here dying. I wish I could tell you how much I love you, Mom. So .. I love ... you ... goodbye ... "

(These words were written by a reporter who witnessed the accident. The girl, as she died, was saying these words and the reporter wrote them down ... very overwhelmed. The journalist started this campaign, if you read this note, please click "share", so more people can be aware. Therefore, I ask one small gesture, send it to your friends, family and loved ones.)

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