Sunday, May 21, 2017

$30,000 For A Moldy Sandwich That Looks Like Mickey Mouse

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There’s some pretty weird stuff being sold on eBay, but this might just take the cake.

Or the tuna, actually.

An eBay seller called reckoner-yorke is selling a moldy tuna sandwich that miraculously sprouted mold in the shape of Mickey Mouse. No, really, the seller insists that the sandwich is “naturally grown” and has been frozen for preservation purposes. It might be one of the most ridiculous things you’ll find for sale on eBay, except for the fact that half the proceeds will go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Reckoner-yorke told Huffpost his name is William, and that the sandwich came from his coworker in his Pennsylvania office.

“This sandwich was actually in our office freezer and as a joke we listed it on eBay,” William told HuffPost in a message through eBay. “I figure if it sells than St. Judes would benefit and get a huge donation which would be totally awesome!”

Yes, William insists that 50 percent of the sale will go toward a donation to St. Jude. And for every skeptic thinking this is a scam, the page has an “eBay for Charity” distinction on it, meaning the site has verified the seller as a charitable partner.

What’s the rest going toward? Hopefully a Disney trip for William and his colleague, he said.

The moldy sandwich is going for $30,000 or best offer, with no bids at the moment. And $15,000 for a children’s hospital that offers care to kids with terminal illness at no charge to their parents is a pretty great thing.

But, we’re still on the side that this is disgusting.

Anyone can easily go online themselves to donate, with 100 percent of their money going to the organization, and then let their own tuna sandwiches get moldy for free.

Because honestly, what is anyone going to do with Mickey Mouse-shaped mold?


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