Thursday, September 7, 2017

$1,000,000 bathtub cut from a single piece of quartz

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Hmmm, well, first we're going to have to figure out what the price of quartz is. We'll use this estimate for quartz counter tops: It's seems that the price for a 22 ft2 countertop in premium quality (because where assuming their using high quality quartz for this) is ~$2000.

However, it's probably easier to figure out the price of the quartz in this tub using price per ounce rather than price per ft2. We'll assume that these counter tops are 2 in. thick. 22*12*2= 528 in3 worth of quartz.

Now to find the weight. According to this source: http://www.mindat. org/min-3337.html quartz has a density of 2.66 g/cm3, which converts to 1.54 oz/in3. Multiply that times our volume of quartz (528 in3) and we end up with 813 oz. of quartz. Divide by 16 to find how many pounds that is 813 lb / 16 oz/lb =50.8 lb.

$2000 / 50.8 lb. = $39.37/lb .is the approximate price of quartz. To put that into perspective, gold is $21,000/lb. and silver $300/lb.

So, with that in mind, things seem pretty meek for the tub really being worth $1,000,000. However, we haven't looked at the weight of the tub yet.

According to this: http://m.neatorama. com/2010/06/23/bathtub-carved-from-a-single-slab-of-quartz/#!bsLkVs the tub comes from 10 ton piece of quartz. So, the stone the tub is carved out of (which we need to consider all of, since I'm assuming that only one tub was made from the block) is 20,000 lb. 20,000 lb * $39.37/lb. = $787,400 worth of quartz.

Considering the cost of labor to transport a 10 ton block of quartz from South America to Milan and then have it carved is probably not very cheap, I would say that $1,000,000 for the tub is a steal.

Note: remove space between . and com/org to view the links. Did this from phone, so I'm not haircutting every link will work, or that this is 100% accurate.

Edit: realized phone auto-corrected guaranteeing to haircutting. Keeping anyways, because it's funny.

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