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Dead Bodies Have Been Lying On Mt. Everest For Years Now But What’s The Reason?

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Over past few decades, scaling large heights has become a passion for many and we all have heard about those who have scaled the highest peaks. There are many untold stories about those who lost their lives on Mount Everest and their bodies have not been recovered till date.

At times when all the odds are against them, when breathing also becomes a task, one can imagine how troublesome it would be to survive in those chilly winds. Many hikers have lost their lives while trying to achieve their dream but their bodies lay there frozen waiting to be pulled out.

Let us know more about the story regarding these bodies which are left behind.

A Landmark – Green Boots

A Body with Green Boots of Indian climber Tsewang Paljor is the most famous on Everest. He got separated from his group in the year 1996 and took shelter in the cave where he later died.

This is now used as a landmark for other mountaineers to gauge their path to the summit.

Body of First Climber

George Mallory who tried scaling the summit in 1924 and lost his life could not be identified until the year 1999.

Had he survived the storm, he would have been known as the first person to climb the Everest.

This Body Has No Identity

Many years have passed but no one knows the climber whose body is lying unidentified.

She Got Separated From Her Husband

Francys Arsentiev lost her life due to frostbite while she got separated from her husband on the mountain in 1999. Her husband died falling off the cliff and his body was recovered in the year 2000.

by Vignesh Rajagopal

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