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Scientists have developed a breathalyzer to diagnose 17 diseases with one breath

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Scientists have developed a breathalyzer to diagnose 17 diseases

Royal physicians were known to sniff noblemen’s excrements as a test for disease. That may sound disgusting, but modern science backs the idea that certain diseases cause the body to produce volatile compounds, which if detected properly could provide a powerful diagnostic method. In the last 10 years, researchers have developed specific sniff tests for diagnosing tuberculosis, hypertension, cystic fibrosis, and even certain types of cancer. Here’s how it works: cystic fibrosis, for instance, causes patient’s bodies to function such that they produce nearly four times as much acetic acid (the base chemical in vinegar) as healthy people. Now a group of global researchers led by Hossam Haick at the Israel Institute of Technology have taken the idea a step further. They’ve built a device—a kind of breathalyzer—that is compact and can diagnose up to 17 diseases from a single breath of a patient. ...

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Breathalyzer Diagnoses 17 Different Diseases Using A Single Breath

A team of Israeli scientists has further developed its breathalyzer technology, and a recent clinical study demonstrated an 86 percent success rate identifying 17 different diseases. The researchers’ nanoarray uses data collected from over 1,400 subjects to establish “breathprints” for diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis, and then relies upon artificial intelligence (AI) technology to make a diagnosis. ...

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New Device From Israel Detects Cancer With A Breathalyzer Test

The newest technology straight from the Technion in Israel. A highly sensitized artificial nose that will help us identify cancer early on. This could potentially saves thousands of lives every year. What an incredible gift to the world! The Technion continues to be at the forefront of Israel’s cutting-edge world-changing initiatives. ...

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