Sunday, April 8, 2018

Pictures That Will Definitely Have You Doing a Double Take

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At first glance, these photos look pretty typical, mundane even. Wedding, graduation photos, team shots, nothing to see here. But wait! Actually, they are the M. Night Shyamalan movies of photos: They all contain a twist!

What every bride dreams of on her wedding day: a perfect dress, friends, family, and a strange man dressed as Waldo crouching in the background of all her wedding photos. Perfect for framing over the mantelpiece.

Look in the lower right corner. This cat is a furry little ninja who will 100% knock over this vase of flowers and walk away like nothing happened.

Except for the Labrador retriever, but he enrolled in Psych 101 fair and square. It’s not his fault nobody asked if he was a dog.
This one is obviously adorable, but the next photo is actually a pretty embarrassing mistake.
This is just a normal photo a father celebrating the graduation of his toddler from The School for Children with One Giant Hand, actually.

That’s one way to get rock hard abs.
Just make your bottom half a mannequin.
To see the kid making a surprise appearance between the couple. Maybe they were having a really, really bad hair day.

When your owl husband won’t stop photobombing all your owl glamour shots.

Wait a second, whose arm is that?! It’s hanging between them and somehow also over her shoulder.

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