Thursday, May 3, 2018

People Who Are Having A Bad Day

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So, you had a bad day. They aren’t the best ones, but we’re all victims of just that.Source:

A kid like this probably did it on purpose. Wet cement is everyone’s dream come true. You can be artistic and leave your mark for everyone to see. Here we have a kid who failed to grind on the wet cement. At least he got to leave his mark forever.

Nobody would ever expect this to happen, especially if it’s your first day on the job in the contracting industry. Clearly, this newbie forgot to close the paint lids and all hell broke loose afterward. Who cares about the truck, he’s going to need a bath more than once over the course of the week.

Hippos might be big, but don’t underestimate them. They can come after you when you least expect it. Once they do, you have to pull a Forrest Gump. With some glimmer of hope, you’ll be as fast as Usain Bolt. This would be hilarious if it were to happen at a zoo.

This sort of thing makes you want to puke a little bit. Seeing a wet roll of toilet paper is disturbing and the least appealing thing ever. When something like this happens, it totally ruins your afternoon bathroom break. No one is really going to fish out that roll anyway.

This why so many customers get disgruntled. McDonald’s employees really know how to grind our gears. It’s the simplest things like only ketchup on a McDouble that they would gaff on. Their mindset was not there from the beginning so they just decided to wing it with not a single care.

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