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Questions about mattresses?

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History of the Bed. Neolithic period: The mattress and bed are invented. ... The first mattress probably consists of a pile of leaves, grass, or possibly straw, with animal skins over it. 3600 B.C.E.: Beds made of goatskins filled with water are used in Persia.
History of the Bed - Mattress Mart Canada

Can a mattress last 20 years?
A poor quality foam comfort layer can deteriorate noticeably in 1 year, while a quality latex core can last 20 years or more; innerspring cores typically last around 10 years. The comfort layer is almost invariably the first area to fail, which is why mattresses are often double-sided, to extend the lifespan. Mattress - Wikipedia

When were queen beds invented?
1941-1965: Mattress makers introduce 'king' and 'queen' sizes. An illustration in Bedding magazine highlighted the fact that Americans were growing taller in the 1950s than they had in 1900.Jun 10, 2015 1941-1965: Mattress makers introduce 'king' and 'queen' sizes

What bed is bigger than a California King?
The biggest difference between a king size bed and a California king bed is that one bed is shorter and wider, while the other is longer and narrower. A king size bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. A California king is just a few inches narrower than a king bed at 72 inches wide, but it's longer at 84 inches. Standard King Beds vs California King Beds -

What were beds made of in the 1800s?
Everyone had a straw or corn husk mattress on their bed, but if elderly parents were a part of the home, they were usually the ones given the comfortable feather bed. By the mid-1800s, cast-iron bed frames with cotton-stuffed mattresses were used by the middle class.Sep 15, 2011 Don't let the bedbugs bite - Lifestyle - Columbia Daily Tribune ...

Can you use a piece of plywood instead of a box spring?
No you don't need one IF you have a foundation for the mattress to lay on, a thick sheet of plywood would do, since that is basically what a box spring us though you bed will lie 4-6 inches lower if you only have a 4 inch typical mattress. ... They use slats or wire mesh, and lay mattress on that.May 10, 2012 bedroom - Do I need a box-spring for my bed? - Home Improvement ...

Do I need a box spring if I have a bed frame?
Unless your bed frame still uses slats for support, you do not need a box spring, according to Orders. Box springs were first invented to help absorb shock since mattresses themselves were so much thinner back then. ... All you need is a solid platform underneath your mattress for support.Jun 29, 2015 7 Mattress Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now | HuffPost

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