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What's up with Socks?

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Why is it called a sock?

The Ancient Greeks wore socks of matted animal hair for warmth. The Romans also wrapped their feet with leather or woven fabrics. In the 5th century, the pious people of Europe wore socks called puttees as a symbol of purity. Socks info - Happy Socks

What was invented first socks or shoes?
The first ever sock was made in the 8th century BC from matted animal hair i.e. 800–701 BC, whereas the first sandal was made in 1600–1200 BC. But, a proper shoe wasn't invented till 1818. But if we see this according to what came first, the shoe came first. What came first the shoe or the sock? - Quora

When were elastic socks invented?
In 1589, the first knitting machine was invented by William Lee, an English clergyman. After receiving a pair of black stockings from William, Queen Elizabeth I ultimately declined to grant him a patent for his invention. She complained that his machine made wool stockings that were far too coarse for royal ankles. Sock History - How did socks come into existence? - Shosett

What is the purpose of socks? 
While diabetic socks are designed to minimize pressure on the lower leg and foot, the main purpose of compression socks is to exert pressure on the legs in order to increase blood pressure, which allows more blood to be quickly returned to the heart (needed for the prevention of swelling and the formation of blood ... Diabetic Socks - What are they, and why are they needed? | OrthoFeet

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