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When did Haunted Houses became popular?

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A Brief History of the Haunted House | History | Smithsonian
The scariest haunted house of 2017 is a giant walk-through attraction located .... “They came in about the same time as trick-or-treat did,” she says. ... as Jaycees, became famous for raising money through its haunted houses.

The History of Haunted Houses! - America Haunts, representing the ...
Dark rides also became popular amusement attractions; these had ... grew in popularity during this decade, so did haunted houses; most ...

Who Invented the Haunted House? - Popular Mechanics
According to the Haunted House Association, more than 1,200 haunted ... (it also became a place for people to scatter their loved one's ashes).

Haunted house - Wikipedia
A haunted house or ghosthouse is a house or other building often perceived as being inhabited ... He states that as a house, inn, or other place becomes thought of as haunted, more and more ghostly encounters .... Carson Mansion a famous Victorian house in Eureka, California commonly used as a template for haunted ...

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