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Do naps make up for lost sleep?

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Research has shown that just a few minutes of shut-eye will improve alertness, performance and mood, and a short afternoon nap can make up for the loss of one hour of nighttime sleep. Napping is a bit of an art, though. Here are some rules for making that snooze a success: Try not to nap after dark.
How to Make Up For Lack Of Sleep - Sleep Deprivation Tips - Oprah.com

Do naps count towards hours sleep?
Naps during the day don't count towards the 7-9 hours of sleep that you should be getting during the night. ... A short power nap of no longer than 10 minutes is the most beneficial because you stay in the light stages of sleep and wake feeling less groggy.
Sleep - University Health Services

Is it possible to make up for lost sleep?
“The amount of sleep lost and recovered may not be the same, though. Most of the first few hours of sleep can be recovered, but if the amount of sleep lost is more than a few hours, not all of it will be recovered.” ... However, you may not recover all of the lost sleep if you lose over 20 hours.
Can you make up for lost sleep? | UAMSHealth

Does napping replace sleep?
Why Napping Can't Replace a Good Night's Rest. Sleeping in spurts has the appeal of productivity, but inevitably you'll collapse in your morning oatmeal. ... Given 10 hours per day of light, instead of the modern sixteen hours of artificial lights-on time, subjects sleep in two symmetrical blocks of several hours each.
Polyphasic Sleep Can't Replace a Good Night's Rest - The Atlantic

How long should I nap if sleep deprived?
The ideal time for a short nap is under 30 minutes or over 90 minutes, so that your body isn't in deep sleep when you wake up. The danger zone of napping is between 30 to 80 minutes.
Napping - Sonic Sleep Coach

What's the difference between sleeping and napping?
A nap is akin to taking a break, resting your eyes. Whereas sleep involves the deeper stages and REM sleep, where true restoration occurs. This is the basic tenant of the difference though some challenge this, and argue that is REM is what matters then sleep in inefficient.
What exactly is a nap? How is it different from sleep? - Quora

How do you recover from sleep deprivation fast?
Go to bed as soon as you are tired and turn off the alarm clock—sleep until you naturally wake. Avoid accumulating new debt. Determine your “sleep need” and factor it into your daily schedule. Try to consistently go to bed and wake up at the same time every day (at the very least on the weekdays).
The Cost of Sleep Debt: Can You Recover? | Seventh Generation

Can you sleep less at night if you nap?
However, a nap in the hours preceding bedtime may make it more difficult to get back to sleep later. Moreover, if you require eight hours of sleep to feel rested and you sleep for two hours in the afternoon or evening, you may get less sleep overnight because your body may not require the additional sleep.
Napping and Sleeping at Night - Verywell Health

Are naps bad for insomnia?
Nighttime sleep problems. Short naps generally don't affect nighttime sleep quality for most people. But if you experience insomnia or poor sleep quality at night, napping might worsen these problems.
Napping: Do's and don'ts for healthy adults - Mayo Clinic

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