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Why do we yawn when not tired?

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"But why do you yawn when you're not sleepy? Despite what you may have heard, yawning has nothing to do with increasing the body's oxygen supply. In experiments, subjects yawn just as much in oxygen-rich air as they do in an oxygen-poor atmosphere. Yawning is, however, a response to boredom. When researchers showed students ages 17-19 music videos and color bar test patterns, those who saw the test patterns yawned nearly twice as often as those who watched videos, and their yawns lasted longer.

But boredom isn't the only yawn factor. If someone you're conversing with yawns, chances are, you will too. "Yawning is extraordinarily contagious," says Robert Provine, a pioneer of yawning research. "Seeing a person yawn triggers yawns. Reading about yawning causes yawns. Sitting in a room thinking about yawning triggers yawning," he says. Some experts think this happens because yawning evolved as a means of communication. It may help animals, including humans, coordinate their behavioral responses to changing conditions in the environment. ..." Continue reading ...

What does it mean if you yawn a lot?
Yawning excessively may mean taking in this deep breath more often, generally more than a few times per minute. This can occur when you are tired, weary or drowsy. Some medications, such as those used to treat depression, anxiety or allergies, can cause excessive yawning.
Yawning Excessively - Symptoms, Causes, Treatments ...

Is yawning a sign of boredom?
Is Yawning Really a Sign of Being Tired or Bored? We yawn because we're tired or bored. ... Recent studies have shown that yawning serves exclusively to cool down the brain. There is a link with sleepiness, but that link is only indirect.
Is Yawning Really a Sign of Being Tired or Bored?

What does it mean when you can't stop yawning?
Yawning is usually harmless, but it is possible to yawn too much. Excessive yawning can be caused by a few different disorders that require medical attention. The vagus nerve, which is the nerve connecting the throat and abdomen to the brain, can cause excessive yawning by interacting with the blood vessels. Why we yawn and what it means
Everybody yawns, but why? 

Does yawning keep you awake? 
Carry on yawning - it will help keep you awake. ... But rather than being a precursor to sleep, scientists say the yawn is actually designed to keep you awake. A study has found that when you yawn, the inhaled air reduces the temperature of vessels in the nasal cavity, allowing cooled blood to be sent to the brain.
Carry on yawning - it will help keep you awake | Daily Mail Online

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